The Sunbow Foundation

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The Sunbow Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity that performs acts of kindness for those in need. A Sunbow is the spectrum of color created by the sun emerging after the rain has ended. To us, it means doing an act of kindness to end the rain and bring out the sun.  

Our acts of kindness assist people in difficult situations such as illness and financial challenges by answering a need.  We also encourage and celebrate acts of kindness in others. 

The Sunbow Foundation was started by Marie Jarrell, a New Lenox cancer survivor and long time fundraiser for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Team in Training Society, in 2013 after her own struggles following the loss of her mother. It started as a grassroots effort of just asking for help where we saw a need.  Then, was made official in late 2016. 

Since it began, The Sunbow Foundation has helped so many people in a variety of ways. The motto is not to give a thousand dollars to a gofundme to make it jump from $26,000 to $27,000, but to give a thousand dollars to someone for whom a thousand dollars is going to rock their world.



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